Although some students have already sat their coursework assessments, tomorrow is the start of the formal exam season. Our prayer for them is: Lord, As they enter the exam rooms, we pray you would surround them with your peace. Ease any anxieties, calm their restless mind, and give them focus on the task at hand. We pray that, although exams are necessary, that they would know their worth is in you alone, not in any grade they do or do not make, not in any assignment or test. We pray that they would feel your presence during the exams and that they would be comforted by your nearness. For those that have worked hard, may their efforts be rewarded and for those that are realising that they have not been as dedicated as they should, accept this and not be disheartened – instead, resolving to build on the experience and ensure that they are not in the same situation again. Thank you for the gift of this education, Jesus. We pray that these final exams would be a celebration of all they have learned and that they would be grateful for all that they have experienced and for all the ways they have grown. May you be glorified, Lord.

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Some of the children from our Sparks and Breakout groups had lots of fun yesterday helping Keith prepare the flower beds for this years Pilands in Bloom. It’s really beginning to taking shape out there! Big thanks to Keith for all his continued efforts in making it look so great. For more information about Pilands in Bloom, take a look at –

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So were they Ready Salted or Prawn Cocktail? Thank you Corrina for comparing modern life and the time of Nicodemus.

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A beautiful way to start a beautiful day

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